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Poetry & Prose General Reader Showcase #2 (Nov. 15, 2017 -- Dec. 6, 2017)

(Season's) Greetings!

We're now coming to the end of the After Party... How sad!! Well, I mean, there's still the Reader Survey that's up and available for any eager feedback sharers, but that isn't very exciting (however, it is super, super helpful, so please, feel free to take it! 😉).

For the last three weeks, you all had the chance to send me your poetry and stories to be shown off in a special, dedicated post as part of my second Poetry & Prose General Reader Showcase (please note that the first had a different title). This event lasted from November 15th, 2017 until December 6th.

As this was a general showcase (no theme), you will find a variety of styles, themes, and voices below. Each has been penned by a different author, each with their own levels of skill and experience. Thank you to these wonderful participants for sending their writings in -- you've all done beautiful work.

The below items are listed in the order they were received. If you didn't get a chance to submit yours, have no fear! While I don't have a date set yet, there will be more opportunities like this in the future!


One-Liner Poem Collaboration: "Wailing World, Fallen Crimson" (Nov. 15, 2017 -- Nov. 29, 2017)

Well hello yet again! Two weeks sure went by like nothing, wow.

Today, November 29th, marks the end of the One-Liner Poem Collaboration that began on the 15th. I've now gathered up the contributions and have put them all together into a completed poem below. You'll notice we have a title, too, and I'll explain how "Wailing World, Fallen Crimson" came to be.

Let's get started. I'd like to note, also, that there weren't many lines to collect, but the few we do have here are surprisingly coherent -- well done, my fellow poets! None of you saw beforehand what the others submitted, so it really could have been anything.


Poem: "Shuttered Dichotomy"

Shuttered Dichotomy
By: Eve Estelle


Post-Blogiversary Events: Poetry & Prose Reader Showcase + Poem Collab + Reader Survey

Howdy! Happy November to you.

October 8, 2017 marked Edge of Night's third anniversary, or blogiversary (if you missed it, check out that post here!). I gave a few general updates, including one on Nightfall, offered to send you all a little thank-you card, and then I left it open to suggestions on how else to celebrate. That's where this post comes in: Welcome to The After Party!

Scheduled events include a new poetry and story reader collaboration, as well as a second kind of little poetry collab, and a fall Reader Survey that will help me see how your experience has been here lately, and if there's anything I can do to make it better. More details on each of these below!


Poem: "A Gift of Lilacs"

A Gift of Lilacs
By: Eve Estelle